We have just acquired another UK customer who want us to re-sell their surplus stock.

The project fits under our Returns Services as an alternative solution for managing the reverse logistics of the rapidly growing eCommerce market. As consumer shopping habits evolve worldwide, the shift towards online and mobile shopping has created greater ease of purchase and increased numbers of online transactions. This has inevitably brought with it higher volumes of returned items and excess stock; with as much as 60%* of women’s clothing purchased online being returned. In response to this trend, we have developed a multi-channel approach to selling excess or liquidation stock based around a gain share model. Our customers want to turn their surplus stock into cash, so we have developed a robust, multi-channel approach that maximises the profit on every item.

We’re currently working on an infographic brochure to highlight our Returns capabilities, which will be released soon.

Get in touch to kick-start your own excess stock liquidation, or to find out about our other Returns services, visit;

*Jim Roebuck, Logistics Director at Shop Direct Group - Reverse flow in e-commerce

Published by Monk Chipman