This week we've published a new infographic brochure on our eCommerce Managed Returns Services.

To mark the release of this new visual content, we've decided that it's 'Infographic Week' at TSB. 

If you're following us on twitter @TSBSupplyChain, then you've probably already got an idea what that means. We love Infographic content and have themed this weeks tweets around our favourite eCommerce infographics as part of our #infographicweek hashtag.

Using infographic design is a brilliant way to communicate statistics and fits so well with the rapidly growing world of eCommerce. With new facts, figures and studies celebrating the growth of global online retailing emerging all the time, infographics on consumer behaviour, shopping cart abandonment, delivery options and a wealth of other topics pertaining to shopping online are a welcome form to learn about best-practice in eCommerce.

This latest TSB Supply Chain publication on the subject of eCommerce Managed Returns addresses the context of consumer expectations of Returns Policies, the problems facing online retailers and most importantly; how our cost-effective ReBOUND Returns Services take a multi-channel approach to enhancing the customers experience of the returns process. A typical consumer return journey is mapped in the brochure, emphasising how the online retailer gains visibility of items being sent back and how the end-to-end process is streamlined for stronger eCommerce logistics and happier customers!

This is the second infographic brochure in a series of designs created in-house by our marketing team to showcase our capabilities for supporting global eCommerce logistics and growth.

eCommerce Returns should be an opportunity to stand out against your competitors, so tell us about your ecommerce returns challenges to gain a competitive advantage in online retailing. You can also take a look at our eCommerce Fulfillment Brochure to see what we can offer you through our e-fulfillment services.


Published by Monk Chipman