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Unlock The Secret To A Successful Procurement Sourcing Strategy

How to bloom in a business environment.

At a time when most companies are coming under ever increasing pressure to deliver value to shareholders, the economic downturn as well as competition in the marketplace has done its very best to make the life of a procurement professional about as miserable as the British weather!

Find out how to develop a structured sourcing strategy. Contact 'TSB Supply Chain'
Find out how to develop a structured sourcing strategy. Contact 'TSB Supply Chain'

Now, with spring in the air, Procurement should be warming towards strategic sourcing as the key to unlocking value to your organisations, since every pound you save will be a pound that goes straight to the bottom line, offering a real ray of sunshine to both Shareholders and Finance Directors alike.

As with all successful business strategies, the key to delivering a procurement sourcing strategy lies in the preparation, time and effort taken to put the plan in place. From gaining a deep understanding of the goods or services being procured, through to developing the sourcing strategy and finally the sourcing process of interaction with the marketplace. By following a structured sourcing strategy, forward thinking companies can then blossom into true market leaders.

Procurement Specialists can help you to benefit from undertaking strategic sourcing activity, contact us to start strengthening your companies roots.

Here's to a sunny procurement summer!

Written by David Kendall
Procurement Specialist

Published by Monk Chipman

News in review - HRH Prince of Wales visits our Telford Warehouse

A royal visit for TSB Supply Chain. Prince Charles visits his charity ‘In Kind Direct’ in our warehouse on Stafford Park.

His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales gets stuck into the production line with a big grin on his face when he visited his charity 'In Kind Direct' at our Telford location.
His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales gets stuck into the production line with a big grin on his face.

Back in September, TSB Supply Chain’s warehouse on Stafford Park played host to His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales. As part of his Shropshire tour, he visited the heart of the operations of the charity ‘In Kind Direct’ in Telford. ‘In Kind Direct’ is an organisation which redistributes surplus goods from manufacturers and retailers to UK Charities which otherwise would end up in landfill. It is one of the Prince’s charities and since its foundation in 1996, ‘In Kind Direct’ have redistributed £140 million in value of goods from over 880 companies and almost 6,000 voluntary and community organisations have received products via In Kind Direct, helping millions of people in need.

TSB Supply Chain provide flexible and scalable solutions to companies of any size, anywhere in the world and we work with an impressive portfolio of clients. ‘In Kind Direct’ is one of our valued customers. “We have implemented a tailor made supply chain approach for In Kind Direct. This enables them to take bulk donations from manufacturers and make the products available to thousands of UK charities in the smaller quantities that they need. This means that many more charities have benefited from the invaluable service that In Kind Direct provides.” – Director Graham Best comments.

Robin Boles, CEO of 'In Kind Direct' declares that “a board of directors is usually more comfortable with a large brand, but we just knew that this would not suit our requirements. After due diligence, we took the decision (to work with TSB Supply Chain) and have never looked back”

The Prince of Wales was given a tour of our Warehouse and our Director’s Graham Best and Phil Smith were part of the welcome party for His Royal Highness. Phil Smith commented "It is great to see the project come full circle and witness His Royal Highness at the centre of the 'In Kind Direct' Operation within our Logistics Centre".

If you too would like to support this brilliant charity, for more information, visit their website or email

Published by Monk Chipman

TSB Supply Chain Director Graham Best welcomes His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales to our Warehouse in Telford on his visit to 'In Kind Direct'
TSB Director Graham Best welcomes His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales to our Warehouse in Telford on his visit to 'In Kind Direct'

In Kind Direct Supported by TSB Supply Chain Ltd.
In Kind Direct Supported by TSB Supply Chain Ltd.

Small Businesses. How to use social media to your advantage

Are you an #SMB? Advice to small and medium-sized businesses using social media to expand your business and find the right flexible and scalable services to suit your needs.
Social Media for small businesses, how to find help on twitter using hashtags.

Are Marketers simply talking to one another when they hashtag SMB? If you are a small business on twitter and other social media platforms, do you know where to search to get the support you need to grow your business?

Using Hashtags

Hashtags are a form of metadata tags; they are words or phrases prefixed with the ‘#’ symbol and are most commonly associated with the micro-blogging site Twitter. Hashtags are used for cataloguing current topics and can generate public conversation over the social networking site; this is known as trending. Hashtags are popularly used to condense a message, as the Twitter word limit is 140 characters. Although they are frequently used as syntax for punctuating wit e.g #lol (laugh out loud), they are still widely used to identify topics trending in your sector.

Adding a Hashtag helps flag your tweets and filter through the enormous quantity of content available on the web. It works both ways. By using the integrated search bar in twitter, you can identify which Hashtags others are using and join in the conversation to help get your message out there, but also to find the answers to your questions more easily.

Hashtags should be an integral part of your social media strategy. Big brands do it, you can too. SMB’s don’t have large marketing budgets for commercials and adverts, but Hashtags are super simple and they don’t cost anything, except time. But if you are using social media anyway, you can step this up by adding a Hashtag to your topic as a simple, yet effective tool to create mini marketing campaigns for your products or services.

It’s only a matter of time before facebook starts integrating the Hashtag too, so to screen your messages, identify the most commonly used Hashtags in your industry and especially if you’re looking for services to expand your business such as getting the best price for shipping your products, look for supply chain companies who want to talk to you direct using #SMB or #SmallBusinesses.

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By Charlotte Monk-Chipman

Published by Monk Chipman

The future of the QR Code in Supply Chain Marketing

Are QR codes just an awkward fad, or are they still considered the future?


Is there a place for the QR Code except on business cards? Operations Director Phil Smith photographed

Firstly what is a QR code? A QR Code, or ‘Quick Response Code’ is a two-dimensional barcode that can be read using a smartphone camera to link directly to websites, text or emails, to name a few examples. Interaction between a poster and the passer-by is just one scan away with a QR Code. When examining tangible marketing materials, they have the potential to impact upon society by prompting an interface of communication from print publication platforms.

Originally designed in Japan for the Automotive industry, they can be used for product tracking, item identification, time tracking, document management and now have wider use in Marketing. At first glance this sounds like a perfect fit for marketing Supply Chain services, but nowadays these efforts take a digital shape. Your target market is already online, so in this scenario, the URL steps back into play and the QR code’s relevance is deemed less significant.

Marketers pin too much expectation on their audience to walk up to a poster, take out a smart phone and publically photograph a barcode. The procedure feels too contrived, puts the audience in the spotlight and turns a commuter into a tourist. The act feels lewd somehow. For a QR code to be effective, following through on a barcode ought to be a private experience. With this in mind, I come around to questioning the business card.

QR Codes do have a valid place on a business card. They bridge the gap between your website and the humble card that nestles in your pocket, on a pin board or abandoned on a desk. Adding a QR Code is now widely used to give the business card its edge back. But when business networking is also taking a digital shift, where Linkedin dominates, is the business card also being made redundant? The rare exchange of a business card still equates to a firm handshake when compared with the superficial click to accept a friend request. There’s more than an exchange of contact details taking place, it’s a personal experience. Partner this with the QR Codes offering and the retiring business card gets a helping hand up into the World Wide Web.

That said, today people carry the internet in their pockets, not business cards and as most smart phones require a QR Code reader to interact with the little black and white pixels, downloading and launching the app is likely to be a lengthier process than googling the website direct. So the Quick Response Code is not so quick after all.

By Charlotte Monk-Chipman

Published by Monk Chipman

New Marketing Manager at TSB Supply Chain

We welcome Charlotte Monk-Chipman as our Marketing lead to promote and develop the full range of TSB services to new and existing clients.
Charlotte Monk-Chipman, Marketing Manager at TSB Supply Chain joins the team through the Keele University Internship Scheme with an impressive start to the job.

Charlotte graduated from The University of Exeter after studying a BA Hons in Drama, so with a background in Theatre, her creativity and ambition lend themselves well to Marketing and her vision for the company.

“I am naturally delighted to be working with Graham, Phil and the team here at TSB Supply Chain. I look forward to the challenges of the role and the inherent learning experiences of entering a new Industry.” says Charlotte.

“We recognise the importance of supporting Graduate employment programs and are impressed with the high level of commitment and ability that we have seen from the candidates” says Graham Best, Director and Co Founder. “We take a different approach to the supply chain industry, which requires some fresh thinking. That’s why we hired Charlotte. Her creativity and sheer enthusiasm is refreshing and has already led us to think about new ways of engaging with our customers and prospects. In todays business environment the traditional marketing approach is no longer enough to make you stand out from the crowd. The West Midlands scheme ran by Keele University opens up opportunities to recent Graduates and we’d urge other local businesses to recognise the mutual benefits of supporting this talent pool”

Charlotte adds “I look forward to driving some exciting and fresh marketing initiatives in our B2B market, to promote the broad range of services under the TSB umbrella. There are exciting developments on the horizon and as we expand, we look to strengthen our relationship with existing customers - never losing sight of the personalized approach TSB Supply Chain takes when tailoring our services to our customers’ needs. Social Media will play a big part in our plans to develop, adding more ways to stay connected. So be sure to keep an eye on our channels for news updates”.

Published by Monk Chipman

US Client outsources European DC to TSB

TSB are pleased to announce that a major US Client has chosen to outsource their European DC to TSB Supply Chain.

TSB are pleased to announce that a major US Client has chosen to outsource their European DC to TSB Supply Chain.
Our main distribution centre in Telford, Shropshire will be responsible to replenishing their strategic stocking location network (operated by TSB Supply Chain), and coordinating replenishment shipments from the US.
The service will extend to sourcing standard parts within Europe through use of our RFQ capabilities within our Matrix applications suite, where it is more cost effective than importing from the USA.
This again demonstrates how TSB bring continuing value to existing Customers through our investment in new capabilities and technology.

UK Consolidation service launched for Netherlands Client

TSB are pleased to announce the start of a new contract for an important Client based in the Netherlands.

TSB are pleased to announce the start of a new contract for an important Client based in the Netherlands.
Defective parts will be received from UK based installations and processed through our returns centre in Telford, Shropshire, prior to shipment to our Client for repair & recycling.
This is an important extension of our relationship with our Client and once again demonstrates the value that our Clients see in TSB and our services.

RFQ module within Matrix platform launched

TSB is excited to announce that we have gone live with our online RFQ module within our Matrix applications suite.

TSB is excited to announce that we have gone live with our online RFQ module within our Matrix applications suite.
RFQ was developed and launched in response to a major Customer challenge to significantly reduce the time between the identification of demand for standard parts and the placement of orders onto our global supplier base.
We now receive demand signals at multiple times during the day, both from our Forecast module and ad-hoc requests, and have reduced "demand-to-order" cycle times from days to hours.
Supplier quotes are reviewed and approved within seconds of their submission, and our Customer portal enables us to place orders with our suppliers within seconds of Customer approval.