Customer Reviews

What our customers say about us

"Was it the right decision? 150% yes. For what it costs to outsource, it buys you so much time. It takes courage but we’d absolutely recommend doing it, it’s a common sense thing to do."
Andy Dodds, Alterego Francy Dress

"...a board of directors is usually more comfortable with a large brand, but we just knew that this would not suit our requirements. After due diligence, we took the decision (to work with TSB Supply Chain) and have never looked back ..."
Robin Boles, CEO, In Kind Direct

"We needed to source laptop parts from across the world to support our laptop repair business. From scratch, TSB Supply Chain built an impressive network of parts brokers and managed the whole sourcing process on our behalf. TSB’s specialist demand planning tools and considerable forecasting experience were also invaluable to us."
                    Mark Hancox, Managing Director, CSS

"... We selected TSB Supply Chain to analyse BAE Systems’ inventory management process because we felt confident in the team’s ability to look at the bigger picture. We needed experts on the business and service issue: not just the technology.

What we got was a dedicated extension of our own team, who understood the constraints of our industry and contributed massively in helping us realise our potential and achieve a lean, agile and effective inventory management system."
Graham Gall, Head of Supply Chain Support Programmes, Global Combat Systems Vehicles, BAE Systems

"We are now starting a new phase where we have better control of our key performance parameters. This has already had a positive impact on our business and especially in inventory reduction. We are already tackling some of the issues that have been outstanding for years!!!"
Christophe Hubert, Senior Supply & Planning Manager, Acer

"...Captive Media have produced the world's first contact-free, networked, interactive washroom media system. The product has captured the imagination of customers across the world leading to many new, high profile installations. TSB Supply Chain manage the transportation challenge for us, ensuring that our products are delivered on time anywhere in the world..."
                    Dick Heinrich, Business Development Director, Captive Media

"TSB Supply Chain…listened to our charity's odd requirements and understood it better than the big players we had used in the past. Consequently, the solution they're providing matches our needs better and they proactively seek changes that would benefit our peculiar operation. It seems their other customers are also benefitting from this behaviour, too."
                    Steve Murray, Head of Logistics at In Kind Direct